It's no secret that showing up consistently and often online is the key to audience growth.  The problem is-how do you create enough content to show up often? 
Thankfully, entrepreneur and business owners like you have learned a lot in your journey of building your business and have a lot of valuable insight to offer others.  Why not package that knowledge in a way that can amplify your brand and promote you as a thought leader in valuable industry circles? 
What if that process was easy for you and your efforts could be multiplied so you had content to post all the time?
That is why we created....
The Content Prism
Long-Form Content
What is it?
Long-form content has enough length and value to be broken into many individual stand-alone pieces that we call "micro-content". Long-form content is the easiest and most efficient way to create the volume of content needed to succeed in the digital space.  It's typically from ~15 minutes to an hour in length.

Here are some examples:
Live Videos,
Micro-content is any stand-alone content that has been taken from long-form content. Micro-content can be further repurposed to be most functional on the platform it's posted to (ex. you would have a different format, thumbnail, and presentation for a post on Pinterest vs LinkedIN). The number of micro-content pieces that can be made from long-form is only restricted by quality of the source material and the creativity of the creator.
So why does this matter to your business?
In social media "reach" is how many people who saw your content.  Some of those people are valuable to your business, others aren't.  It's really the digital version of a billboard. 
Would you put a billboard in the middle of the desert where there's no road?  Of course not!  You would want it to be well placed on a busy freeway or road so that people see what your business offer and have an opportunity to become customers. 
The same thing with social media content.  Each piece of content is an opportunity for a person to see what your business is about and become a customer. 
Would more people finding your business be helpful to you?  Here's a simple equation that will help you see the incredible potential of this process we believe can amplify and elevate your brand.
The REACH Equation
Avg. Reach x Pieces of Content = Brand Impact Potential
300 reach x 7 Pieces of Content = Brand Impact of 2100 reached
300 reach x 21 Pieces of Content = Brand Impact of 6300 reached
300 reach x 21 Pieces of Content x 5 platforms = Brand Impact of 31,500 reached

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